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Botswana Newspapers and News Sites

If you are looking for information or wishing to stay up-to-date with the latest news from Botswana, then this list of newspapers and news sites should provide a good starting point. Bostwana - Top News

News reports on Bostwana from African sources.

Botswana Gazette

Newspaper supports a democratic, multi-party system of government, human rights and a free market economy.

Botswana Guardian

Covers national and world news, as well as weather, sports, entertainment, business topics.

Botswana Unplugged

An online news and lifestyle magazine.

Daily News

Government-owned broadsheet daily newspaper.


A government owned monthly magazine that covers cultural and entertainment news.

Mmegi / The Reporter

Botswana's only independent daily newspaper published in Gaborone.

News by the Government

A government news outlet.

Relief Web – Botswana

Provides news and information (documents and maps) on humanitarian emergencies and disasters.

Sunday Standard

Newspaper dedicated to covering national policy issues, development and economic issues, gender issues, and environmental issues. Also provides news on business, lifestyle, sports topics.

The Mid-week Sun

A news source that features human-interest stories.

The New Humanitarian - Botswana

Regular news on relief, social, economic and political affairs in Botswana by The New Humanitarian.

The Patriot on Sunday

A citizen owned independent newspaper that focuses on business and politics.

The Voice

Weekly Friday tabloid published in Gaborone.

Tsena Botswana

Provides general news and information on Botswana as well as business, sports, lifestyle topics.

Weekend post- Insightful

Covers breaking news, politics, business, sport, tourism and hospitality, lifestyle and entertainment.