World Newspapers, Magazines and News Sites in English

Family magazines

Concerning for families and family life by providing articles on health, entertainment, travel, recipes and other family related subjects.

Empowering Parents

Online magazine and email newsletter that provides useful problem-solving techniques to parents and teachers.

Fit Pregnancy

Guide for Moms-to-be with tips on nutrition, fitness, exercises, baby care & weight loss.

Military Spouse

Dedicated Americans whose spouses serve in the military. Includes articles tailored to provide support and advice.


Address contemporary health, personal, environmental, medical, and lifestyle issues.


Parenting magazine providing advice and support from doctors, educators and other parents.

Today's Parent

Meeting place for Canadian parents.


Magazine for parents of twins and multiples.

Woman's Day

A magazine distinctly for women of all ages, Woman's Day has relationship advice, lite-cooking recipes, business advice, and numerous other subjects that are major parts of women's lives.

Your Teen

A parenting magazine aimed at helping parents understand the unique needs of their teenagers. Keep them safe from drugs and alcohol, understand the social stresses they go through, plus get the inside scoop on school, new technology plus get comfortable with their desire to learn to drive so they can borrow your car.