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Arts magazines
Studio International

Art magazine specializing in the area of cyber art. Features video interviews and latest events.


Focused on art, culture and innovation in design, photography, architecture, music, and film.

Art & Antiques

An online magazine for collectors of the fine and decorative arts.

Art Galleries&Artists of the South

Visual tours through southern art galleries and profiles of southern artists.

Art in America

Widely circulated magazine on Art in America. Reviews, features, market and much more for the art enthusiast.

Art in America

US-based online magazine with the latest art news, reviews, special features and interviews.

Art Newspaper

Publishes news related to the visual arts.


Covers different art topics for the Asia Pacific.


Magazine covering all spheres of modern, contemporary and classical art.


Offers news and articles about exhibitions in the visual arts scene and contains critics' picks, interviews. Also features an events calendar.


Features columns and reviews about various paintings and different galleries.

Artist Profile

An online publication offering various artistic topics, including contents and exhibitions.


A quarterly magazine covering contemporary art and ideas from Australia and the Asia-Pacific.


Insider's guide to the art market with daily news, reviews & features, and the Price Database - archive of fine art auction results worldwide.


Provides features on art pieces, personalities,as well as trends and events shaping the international art world.


A magazine that aims to promote the visual arts and architecture at a national and international level—bonus guides for fairs and exhibitions. (not a workable sentence.)


Publishes reviews focused on the contemporary art audience and reach.

Arts Desk, The

Updated daily with previews, news & interviews. Covers grand opera, movie releases and classical music.

Arts Professional

Online source for arts professionals in the UK.

Berlin art link

Contemporary art magazine, facilitating an on-going conversation between creative professionals, art enthusiasts, and journalists in Berlin.


Covers different art disciplines, related to literature, theatre, music and architecture.

Canadian Art

Digital publication for journalism, criticism and trending news about art and culture in Canada.

Cascade A&E

Promoting cultural art life found in Central and Bend, Oregon, US. Focused on visual arts, music, theatre, dance, fine dining, film, video, photography, fashion, festivals, events, literature and poetry.

Culture Calling

Providing information about cultural events and venues worth-visiting in the UK.


Provides latest reviews and commentary on art, architecture, books, dance, movies, opera, television, and theatre.

Design Curial

An online source of latest announcements relating to interior design and architecture.

Flash Art Online

The online edition of the print arts magazine with reviews, profiles, news and a forum.


Contemporary art and culture magazine. Includes essays, reviews, and critics' opinions on Art, Music, and Film.


Unique stories about the international design and architecture landscape.


Publication that covers art, book, film, and performance industry trends.


A magazine focused on museums, exhibitions and public art—special features on Art, Interior and Design.


It explores contemporary art, paintings, street art, sculpture, and s reviews of books, film, and music.

Lens Culture

A magazine dedicated to photography, including the latest gadgets and tips for photographers.

Maine Art Scene

Online Art Magazine covering the arts & culture scene in the state of Maine (US).

Quilting Daily

Daily quilt inspirations, tips & tricks, and trending features.

Scene 360

Online tattoo and arts magazine, with profiles and interviews of artists, web designers, and tattoo artists, focusing on their careers and analysing the driving forces behind their work.

Southwest Art

Publishes online articles focused on southwestern art in addition to videos, blogs and contests.

The New Criterion

Critics reviews of the latest arts and intellectual life.


Stories about art, design, travel, entertainment, tech, fashion, etc.

Web designer depot

Provides news on global design and visual culture.

Western art and architecture

Western architecture inspired magazine, providing stories for and about collectors.

X-TRA Contemporary Art Quarterly

Offers online content about artists, exhibitions and innovations in design.