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Science magazines
Air & Space/Smithsonian

Bi-monthly magazine for aerospace enthusiasts covers topics related to every era of aviation and space exploration.


Newsletter created to help people with cardiac devices live full, active lives. Provides cardiac news, health tips, and more.


Australian magazine covering science from many angles: art, design, travel, interviews, humour, history and opinion.


Magazine looks at big ideas in science, important issues at the intersection of science and society, and the people driving global science culture.


UK-based monthly magazine about science and technology.

Issues In Science And Technology

Forum for discussion of public policy related to science, engineering, and medicine.

Laboratory News

Serving UK's laboratory scientists, the magazine provides coverage of the current issues facing contemporary science.


One of the most popular scholarly websites with science news, features and analysis, blogs and multimedia specials. Publisher of many science magazines and journals.

New Scientist

Provides daily science and technology news from around the world. Regular sections include interviews with high-profile personalities, essays, book reviews and bestseller lists.

Physics Today

Published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP) for educational purposes.

Popular Mechanics

In continuous publication for over a century, the Popular Mechanics magazine delivers news on innovations and inventions across multiple industries.

Popular Science

Covers the latest developments in electronics, communications, cars, tools, aviation, space exploration, science, energy, photography and technology.

Quanta Magazine

A cross-dispciplinary publication that covers issues relating to mathematics, theoretical physics, theoretical computer science and the basic life sciences.


Reports on science and technology with particular relevance to sustainable development and the needs of developing countries.

Science Daily

Online magazine covering the latest discoveries in science and technology. News articles are selected from news releases submitted by leading universities around the world.

Science Magazine

Provides news stories, research reports, and commentary articles in a searchable database, enhanced by additional information, links, and multimedia.

Science News

Weekly news magazine covering the most important research in all fields of science.

Scientific American

Provides the latest news and features on science issues that matter including earth, environment, and space.

Sky & Telescope

A magazine for amateur astronomers written and edited by professionals in the fieel

Sky At Night

Astronomy news and articles published by BBC studios.


Covers various segments of human life. Read about history, science, art, travel and much more.

Smithsonian Magazine

Explores lifestyles, cultures, people, science and technology. Includes photo essays and in-depth articles highlighting current Smithsonian museum exhibits.

The Scientist

Covers topics related to cell and molecular biology, genetics, as well as other life-science fields.


Focuses on innovative technologies and how they affect our culture, the economy, and politics.