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Eritrea Newspapers and News Sites

Below is a concise index of English-language newspapers in Eritrea. Every major news or information source is accounted for. Most feature short descriptions to give our visitors an idea of what they might expect to find upon visiting the site.

Afrol - Eritrea

News and analyses from pan-African independent news agency. - Eritrea

Regular news reports on Eritrea from African sources.


Portal featuring Eritrea news, articles, interviews, documents, human rigths, regional events, cartoons, and forum.

BBC Country Profile: Eritrea

Features country overview, news, key facts and events, timelines, and leader profiles.


News mailing list and archive.

Eritrea Daily

Independent online newspaper offering daily news, views, and commentary about Eritrea and East Africa. Promotes the democratization of the country.


Eritrean opposition website with news and features on Eritrea and East Africa.


Site of Ministry of Information providing official news and commentary, sports stories, background information, and articles from weekly English language newspaper Eritrea Profile.

Tesfa News

Daily news outlet.

The New Humanitarian - Eritrea

Regular news on relief, social, economic and political affairs in Eritrea by The New Humanitarian.