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Sierra Leone

There are many English-language news sites in Sierra Leone to inform you about the country. The range of viewpoints, reporting style, and quality can vary from site to site. Before you decide which news sites are most relevant to you please take a moment to browse our selection of news sites.

All Peoples Communication

Newsite, of the opposition Sierra Leone People's Party. Based in Georgia, US. - Sierra Leone

News reports on Sierra Leone from African sources.

Awareness Times

Major newspaper operated from inside Sierra Leone.


Independent newspaper founded in 1998.

AYV Newspaper

Part of the African Young Voices Media Empire; covers news on a wide range of topics.


Newspaper published in Somerset, New Jersey.

Concord Times

Daily newspaper that was established in 1992 and covers areas such as sports, politics, business, economy, entertainment, and technology.

Critique Echo Newspaper

Sierra Leonean news outlet based in Berlin, Germany.

De Mirror

Newspaper that covers political, social, business, health, gender and entertainment topics.

Global Times

Independent broadsheet newspaper.

KTV News

Online media platform with a sole purpose of breaking news and rumors that covers African politics, business, global technology, entertainment, health and social media.

Newstime Africa

UK based online newspaper.

Newswatch Newspaper

Provides political, economic, international, sports and entertainment news.

Night Watch SL

Covers political, health and science, religion and sports news.

Patriotic Vanguard

Canada-based Sierra Leone news portal.

Salone Post

On-line publication providing news for Sierra Leoneans and African diaspora.

Sierra Express Media

Online news source featuring Sierra Leonean current events, entertainment, and sport.

Sierra Leone News

Covers national, international, business and finance news and provides foreign exchange rates.

Sierra Leone News

Provides up-to-date news coverage on politics, business, sport, entertainment and more.

Sierra Leone Press

Covers national and regional news on a wide range of topics.

Sierra Leone Telegraph

Policy analysis, reviews and commentaries on social political and environmental issues.

Sierra Leone Times

News site providing coverage of regional area, international news, business and finance stories. Administrated from Australia.

Sierra Leone View

Target readers - Sierra Leonean society in Continental Europe, at home and abroad.

Sierra Network Salone

Online news and entertainment portal.

Sierra-Leone Info

Indexes articles from other online sources.


Online portal that reports news and events happening in Sierra Leone, sub-region and global affairs on a daily basis.


The official presidential and statehouse website that provides news, speeches, press releases and information relating to government affairs.


Provides national, regional and international news, focusing mainly on politics, but also covering entertainment, fashion, business, sports and diaspora news.

The Calabash

Print media news and general information dissemination platform.

The New Humanitarian – Sierra Leone

Regular news on relief, social, economic and political affairs in Sierra Leone.

The Organiser

Provides national, regional and international news online.

This is Sierra Leone

Focusing on news gathering and information dissemination to every Sierra Leonean. Covering topics like news headlines, society & culture, travel & tourism, business, politcs and technology news etc.

Voice of Binkongoh

Non-religious and non-governmental, independent news organ and voice of Konoland region in Sierra Leone.