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South Sudan

This list is essentially a snapshot of the South Sudanese media landscape. From governmental organizations to non-profits and foreign-based independent news sites, we have made our best to include only the most authoritative sources, and yet reflect the breadth of the South Sudanese news scene. South Sudan

News reports on South Sudan from African and international sources.

BBC News - South Sudan

Presents country overview, key facts and events, timelines and leader profiles along with current news.

Bentiu daily

Online portal that covers news on a wide range of topics.

Gurtong Trust

South Sudanese independent, not-for-profit project focusing on ethnic, political and personal issues.

Hot in Juba

Provides latest urban news, gossip, sports and entertainment news.

Juba Monitor

Independent daily newspaper.

New Sudan Vision

Daily online newspaper from South Sudan. Based in North America.


News, analyses and media outlet.

South Sudan Nation

Independent news website for South Sudan secession & national independence since 2003.

South Sudan News Agency

US based independent online newspaper that covers news, politics, editorials, current issues and more.

South Sudan News Now

Independent news source that covers local and international news with emphasis on South Sudan and Diaspora.

South Sudan News Portal

Independent newspaper that covers news on a wide range of topics.

Sudan Tribune

Paris-based independent online newspaper covering Sudan and South Sudan press, as well as world press of interest to Sudanese. Its goals are to promote plural information, democratic and free debate on Sudan and South Sudan.

Sudan Tribune

Paris based non-profit newspaper run by independent Sudanese and international journalists.

Sudan Watch

UK based blog providing information about Sudan and South Sudan.

Talk of Juba

Daily news provider that offers analysis and multiple perspectives on South Sudan news, politics, economics, business and culture.

The New Humanitarian - South Sudan

Regular news on relief, social, economic and political affairs in South Sudan.