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Zimbabwe Newspapers and News Sites

Zimbabwe has one of the largest news publishing industries in Africa and this is a comprehensive list of the top Zimbabwean news outlets available online. The list is split between news sites with a national and a local focus.

263 News Africa

Provides breaking news on a national, regional and international scope.


Entertainment website that also covers health, political, and economic news stories

afrol News - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe news, features and links from independent African news agency.

All in Zimbabwe News

Zimbabwe's daily online newspaper for current affairs, business, sports and political news. Zimbabwe

News reports on Zimbabwe from African sources.


Online news service, bringing news stories from Zimbabwe and around the world.

Business Daily

Zimbabwe's up to date business news website.

Business Weekly

Published by Zimbabwe Newspapers (the oldest news publisher in the country); business, financial, and economic news and information newspaper.


Government-owned newspaper from Bulawayo.

Daily News Live

Provides business, sport, and entertainment news on a daily basis.

Financial Gazette

Private business weekly.

Harare Post

Online media portal that provides local, regional and international news.


Official daily newspaper.


Online news blog that covers a wide range of topics

Insider, The

Source of analytical daily news about Zimbabwe.

Khuluma Afrika

Centre for investigative journalism, current affairs reports, commentary and analysis on Africa, with key and special focus on Southern Africa, and some parts of East and Central Africa

Aggregates human rights related information published by the non-profit sector in Zimbabwe as well as run a community blog.

Mbare Times

Online portal that covers news on a wide range of topics.

My Zimbabwe News

Covers political, social, economic, and sports news from around Zimbabwe and abroad.

New Zimbabwe
New Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's news portal.

New Zimbabwe Vision

Reports national and international news with a focus on human rights, good governance, democracy, socio economic & political issues.

News Day
News Day

A daily newspaper published and distributed by the independent media group AMH.

News of the South

Independent newspaper that covers south African news.

Newsdze Zimbabwe

Provides general news to Zimbabweans in the diaspora.


Covers business, political, entertainment, technological, sports news and also provides analytical and opinion articles

Sunday Mail

Government-controlled weekly.


Publish news, analysis and opinion on tech issues and also covers business and financial news.

The Harare Times

Covers business, politics, sports and more.

The New Humanitarian- Zimbabwe

Regular news on relief, social, economic and political affairs in Zimbabwe.

The Southern Daily Zimbabwe

Provides national news on a daily basis; uses other online news sources.

The Zim Online News

Independent online portal that covers news on a wide range of topics.

The Zimbabwe Daily

Online national news portal.

The Zimbabwe News Live

Political, business, entertainment and sports news provider.

The Zimbabwean

Authoritative independent newspaper.

This is Zimbabwe

Blog by the pro-democracy Sokwanele Civic Action Support Group.

Vantu News

News website that covers sports, politics, economics, business, entertainment; founded in September 2019.

Zim Metro

Tabloid news channel.

Zim Metro News

Newspaper that provides entertainment, business, lifestyle, gossip and sports news.

Zimbabwe Digital News

Online portal for Zimbabweans living in the diaspora.

Zimbabwe Mail

Daily News from Zimbabwe covering - Bulawayo, Harare, Mutare, Kariba, Masvingo and many pockets of the country.

Zimbabwe News

Covers national and international news, business and finance stories, and foreign exchange rates.

Zimbabwe News 24

Independent website that provides pan-African news on a weekly basis.

Zimbabwe News Today

Aggregates and publishes news from other media sources.

Zimbabwe Situation

A daily archive dedicated to covering every important and relevant Zimbabwean media article, every day since March 2000.

Zimbabwe Star

Zimbabwe Star features international stories, business updates and from around regional Africa.

Zimbabwe Today

Independent online newspaper for Zimbabweans across the world.


UK-based newspaper for Zimbabweans at home and abroad.

Independent news service from the UK.


London based daily online newspaper.

Zoom Zimbabwe

Provides political, local court and law, and sports news.

ZW News

Online website that provides breaking news.