World Newspapers, Magazines and News Sites in English

Maldives Newspapers and News Sites

This list is an essential tool for those who seek to keep up with Maldivian news from outside the country. It includes renowned media publications covering a wide spectrum of national and international issues. Each site is hand-picked and screened for quality news content that is presented in English.


Online breaking news portal.

Maldive Times

Online news and opinion portal that covers a wide range of topics.

Maldives Culture

Magazine covering Maldives news, culture, politics, and history. Also banned by regime.

Miadhu News

Latest news from the Maldives, covering breaking news ,business, finance, politics, entertainment, sports.

Minivan News

Major independent provider of Maldives news.

Republic of the Maldives

Official site providing news and information on government structures, national facts, and tourism.


Online portal that provides local, international, business, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, and travel news.

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