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North Korea

Here you’ll find both official news reporting straight from Pyongyang, as well as coverage about the Hermit Kingdom by South Korean sources, and news by authoritative foreign media outlets.

BBC News - North Korea Profile

Online media portal that provides news, analysis, interviews about Kurdistan.

Chosun Journal

One of the oldest and largest Korean daily newspapers that has sections covering North Korean news.

Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights:

NGO Devoted fully to the advancement of human rights in North Korea that provides news in=depth research relating to the humanitarian situation in North Korea.

Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)

Includes summit photos, current and archived news items, and more from the state-run agency.

NK News

Independent, privately owned specialist information source that provides news, opinions and analysis relating to developments in North Korean government, media, academia, military, business areas.


Provides news, opinions and publications relating to North Korea.

The Guardian - North Korea

North Korean section of the authoritative UK newspaper: The Guardian.