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This is the alphabetical list of all major English language newspapers and news sites in France. The list includes both national and local newspapers, as well as "metro" newspapers, which are published for the larger cities in France. The purpose of this page is to allow our visitors to scan over these various titles to make an educated choice about which ones they would like to visit, or perhaps to use as a reference page when attempting to find the newspaper that best suits their needs.

Agence France-Presse (AFP)
Agence France-Presse (AFP)

One of the world's big three news agencies headquartered in Paris, France.


Online newspaper that covers immigration-related topics.

France Diplomatie

Site by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offering diplomatic news and magazine Label France publishing articles either written by freelance journalists or taken from the French newspapers, on every aspect of France today.


Daily broadsheet newspaper that covers local as well international news.

French Property News

News, information and advice about French life, travel, tax, business, health, money, education, building, etc.

Le Monde Diplomatique

Reputable left wing monthly magazine. Originally published in French, has editions in 24 other languages.

Lost in France

Guide to living in France, French property and holidays.

News in Normandy

Providing daily news from and about Normandy region.

Paris Voice

Magazine for English-speaking Parisians. Covers restaurants, books, music, exhibits, and trends.

Radio France Internationale (RFI)

English language service featuring international news and regular review of French newspapers in English.

Riviera Insider

The English language magazine for the French Riviera.

The Connexion

National daily broadsheet newspaper.

The Local

Independent online newspaper that covers pan-European news on a daily basis.