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North Macedonian Newspapers and News Sites

This is a curated list of free and independent Macedonian online news publications. These websites do not require registration and/or a subscription to access their content, and they will always remain free to the public. Our aim with this list is to provide you with a comprehensive directory of Macedonia-based news services that will appeal to you for their style, format, and scope of their coverage. Also included in each entry is a link to the source website and a short description of their content.

Balkan Insight | North Macedonia

Latest North Macedonian news by online Balkan magazine.


Daily Macedonian newspaper that covers a wide range of topics.

Media Information Agency (MIA)

State owned news agency.

Independent Macedonian news agency.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty - North Macedonia

RFE/RL's latest news, features, commentary, and multimedia content on Macedonia.

Republika English

Broadsheet weekly newspaper that provides news on the topics of economics, culture as well as entertainment and lifestyle.

Skopje Diem
Skopje Diem

Online daily news portal that covers a wide range of topics.