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Moldova Newspapers and News Sites

Our carefully handpicked list of trustworthy English-language Moldovan news websites covers a variety of categories including general news, politics, business and finance, entertainment, technology, and art & culture. Each item is linked to its respective website and contains a short description of the coverage and style of the associated media website.


Weekly newspaper that provides news of topics such as economy, society, technology and health.


Independent national news agency that coversa range of topics, including economics, politics, sports and society.

Moldova azi

Independent broadsheet newspaper that covers topics such as politics, economics and social life.

Official website of the Republic of Moldova.

Comprehensive information and news source about Moldova in English language.

MOLDPRES News Agency

The state newsagency.


Online news portal that covers a wide range of topics such as economy, society, culture, science.

Novosti Pridnestrovia

Official news agency of Transnistria.


Leading daily newspaper based in Chisinau.


Daily political news, comments and interviews.


Aggregated recent news from Moldovan news sources.

Ziarul de Garda

Investigative reporting newspaper.