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Sweden Newspapers and News Sites
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This is an alphabetical list of select English-language Swedish news sites. The list includes media from across Sweden and reflects the depth and breadth of their coverage. Generally speaking, we selected websites that carry information about national news, and whose content is not restricted to a single subject area. However, in the case of Sweden, we also provide the official government’s page, a newspaper from Swedish diaspora citizens, as well as a page for tourists and travelers.


Daily newspaper.


Newspaper for Swedish Americans and Swedish citizens in the United States.

Radio Sweden International
Radio Sweden

Provides daily Sweden news in English.

Stockholm Town

Stockholm's official visitor's guide. Includes information on activities, accommodation, culture and attractions, dining and nightlife, and shopping.

Official gateway to Sweden - news, maps, weather, facts, events, more.

Swedish Government

Official site featuring background info, policy statements, official publications, and news releases.

The Local: Sweden

Online English-language Swedish newspaper offering news and features, advice and discussion about living in Sweden.