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Ukrainian Newspapers and News Sites in English
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This list contains links to the online presence of Ukrainian newspapers and news sites. They are selected because they contain a good mix of local and national news, quality journalism, and update their content regularly.

Ukraine Now News

Latest war news from Ukraine !!! (Telegram Channel)

APK Inform

Agricultural news outlet.

Business Ukraine

Monthly English-language magazine covering Ukrainian business, politics, society and lifestyle news, opinions, interviews and analysis.


Ukrainian news, social and political Internet portal with a popular forum.

Travel website and guide for Ukraine. Restaurants and bars, touristic attractions, hotels, entertainment, clubs, shops, travel, and more.

Euromaidan Press

Online independent newspaper launched in 2014 by Ukrainian volunteers. Sponsored by George Soros' International Renaissance Foundation.

Interfax Ukraine
Interfax Ukraine

Ukraine branch of the regional news agency.


Ukraine's oldest English-language newspaper. Covers daily political, business, economic, lifestyle and international news.


NV (The New Voice of Ukraine) is one of the leader daily news resource covering news, business, analytics, lifestyle and opinions.

President of Ukraine

Official web site of the President of Ukraine.

Kyiv Independent
The Kyiv Independent

News, analyses, investigations, opinions, podcasts and more. On-the-ground reporting from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Weekly

Newspaper of the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States, and North America.

Ukraine Business Online

Offering news, politics, economics, opinions, lifestyle, interviews, sport.

Ukrainian Journal

English-language daily newsletter covering breaking political and business news from Ukraine.

Ukrainian news
Ukrainian news

Covers political, economic and international news.


Ukrainian National News Agency. Offering politics, economics, society, defense, society, sports, culture and more.

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

The official website of the Ukrainian parliament that publishes latest relevant political announcements and stories.