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Lebanese Newspapers and News Sites

Read the best of the printed press online within the comfort of your own home. Browse our carefully hand-picked list of subscription-free, trustworthy Lebanese news websites. Each entry contains a link and a brief description of the coverage and style of the associated site.

Al-Manar TV

Site of Beirut based Hezbollah broadcaster offering news and commentary.


Lebanese, regional and international news.

Beirut Business Report

Lebanon business news from CNP Hub Corporation (based in UAE).

Daily Star, The

Top quality Lebanese daily newspaper.


Monthly business magazine.

LBCI (Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International)

Private television station. Lebanon, regional and international News.


Lebanon news and information portal.

NNA - National News Agency

State-run news service.

The 961

Popular Lebanese blog.

United Australian Lebanese Movement

Features Lebanon news and organization info.

Ya Libnan

The latest on news, arts, culture, and current events, live from Lebanon.