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Cuba Newspapers and News Sites

This page provides links to all major English-language newspapers and news sites in Cuba. It includes both mainstream newspapers, such as the Havana Times, and smaller local interest titles. It is presented in alphabetical order. Each Cuban newspaper entry contains a brief description of the link to provide our visitors with an idea of what they can expect to find on the website.

Art OnCuba

Quarterly magazine, specialized in Cuban visual arts.

Center for a Free Cuba

Institution dedicated to promoting human rights. Disseminates information about Cuba to the media and NGOs.

Cuban American National Foundation (CANF)

Miami-based foremost Cuban exile organization in the United States. Site features Cuba news, press releases, analysis, and CANF library.

Cuban Art News

Focuses on international news, updates and events on contemporary art and culture from Cuba, featuring Cuban artists from visual art to music, literature, food and dance.

Cuban News Agency (ACN)

Offcial news service.

Cuban Research Institute

Cuban Research Institute (CRI) at Florida International University (FIU) is dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about Cuba and Cuban Americans.


Weekly magazine of politics, sports and culture.

Diario de Cuba

Covering national news, economics, society, emigration, corruption and more.

Granma Internacional

Official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party.


Cuban blog and online magazine.

La Habana

Guide to Havana, Cuba. Includes monthly magazine & what's On Havana events guide.

Miami Herald - Cuba

News and comments, emphasizing emigration and Cuba relations with the US.

On Cuba News

A digital newspaper with information about Cuba, the United States and the World which is updated every day.

Periodico 26

Daily newspaper from Las Tunas, providing local and national news.

Prensa Latina

Cuba-based Latin American news agency.

Radio Enciclopedia

Culture news from Radio Enciclopedia station.

Radio Rebelde

Online website of Cuban radio station. Covering national and international news, business, sports, culture, science.

Taino Radio Station

Tourism radio station of Cuba.