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Dance magazines
Conscious Dancer

An online magazine supporting dancers, teachers and trainers from the dance world.


An online magazine offering a critical point of view on the dance world, with the addition of reviews, impressions and special features.

Dance Art

Includes feature articles, interviews with famous dancers, and advice from teachers. Also info on dance, ballet and pointe shoes, costumes.

Dance Current

Canadian dance magazine. Contains artist profiles, interviews as well as articles on the creative process, health topics, critical commentary from people in the profession, and more.

Dance for You Magazine

German dance magazine that provides interviews, reviews about the show premiers, festivals, competitions, dance schools, training opportunities worldwide, and useful advice for dancers.

Dance Informa

Information and news for dance lovers. Features tips, auditions, ideas…

Dance International

International magazine providing dance news, reports and articles from all around the world.

Dance Magazine

Provides articles, features and columns on the global dance scene. Features dance stars, career advice, health tips, education, dance products and styles.

Dance Spirit

Features columns on jazz, ballet, tap, and hip-hop, articles on fitness and safety, fashion and makeup tips, more.

Dance Teacher

Magazine providing practical information for professional dance educators. Covers all forms of dance and dance techniques, teaching methods, health and studio business.

Dance Teacher

Guides, techniques, pro tips for dance teachers and their studios.

Dance Times

Providing daily insights into different spheres of dancing. Magazine offers the latest news and trending features from the dance world.

DJ Magazine

An online publication that features recent news from music, tech, dance.


Magazine devoted exclusively for the ballet dancer. Informs on all major dance companies, new products and music, health and nutrition tips, and more.